Answers to questions you might have or things you might want to know. This is a list in progress, updated most recently September 2016.


Will you consider blurbing my book?

It 100% depends upon my time, availability, deadlines, and ability to balance work and non-work reading. Be aware I prefer talking about books I enjoy via social media to providing an official blurb. Titles I’ll consider are prioritized as such: books by authors I’ve read and enjoyed before, works by authors of color, and works by women.


Do you really not read books written by men?

I haven’t since November 2015, and I don’t plan on changing that any time soon. I pick up a title or two when it’s something I am really interested in or need for research purposes. Otherwise, I’m enjoying my all-female-identifying reading life.


What are you working on now?

I’m currently drafting a YA novel, as well as poking at some YA non-fiction ideas. I’m always writing shorter and longer form pieces for STACKED and/or Book Riot.


What’s your writing process?

Cleaning the kitchen table, cleaning the bathroom, playing with all of the animals in my house, doing the laundry, dusting, getting in a nice long work out, then cleaning my car. If I find myself real enthusiastic about the day’s writing work, I’ll do the dishes and clean litter boxes, too. Perhaps maybe shovel snow or mow the lawn.

In all seriousness, I don’t believe in having a strict process. Work gets done how it gets done. Sometimes this means writing for hours everyday for weeks on end and sometimes it means not looking at any word processing program for months. Your process is what works for you.


Why do you call yourself a “reformed librarian?”

I once was a librarian, and now I am not!

I loved serving the public and I especially loved working with teenagers. But then I had the opportunity to dig into writing and editing, which was a thing I was doing on the side while working in libraries (& sometimes while in libraries!). I get the chance now to use my knowledge from librarianship to talk to even more people.

“Reformed,” of course, just means I’ve re-formed how I librarian.


Can you give me a list of your all-time favorite books?



If you could hang out with any two celebrities for one night, who would they be and what would you do?

(This is one of those wicked interview questions!)

The answer, though, is easy: I’d hang out with Beyoncé and Amy Poehler, and we would have a Skype session with JK Rowling, who would read to us.

We’d probably eat pizza in our pjs, too.