Answers to questions you might have or things you might want to know. This is a list in progress.


Will you consider blurbing my book?

It 100% depends upon my time, availability, deadlines, and ability to balance work and non-work reading. Be aware I prefer talking about books I enjoy via social media to providing an official blurb. Titles I’ll consider are prioritized as such: books by authors I’ve read and enjoyed before, works by authors of color, and works by women.


Can you read my manuscript and give me feedback?

I used to offer critique services and may do so again in the future. But I cannot recommend reaching out to Kimberly Francisco enough for help with your manuscript. Be prepared to pay a fair price for her time and knowledge.


Do you do interviews/speaking engagements?

Yes. That information is available elsewhere on my website or you can reach out to me directly at


Why do you call yourself a “reformed librarian?”

I once was a librarian, and now I am not!

I loved serving the public and I especially loved working with teenagers. But then I had the opportunity to dig into writing and editing, which was a thing I was doing on the side while working in libraries (& sometimes while in libraries!). I get the chance now to use my knowledge from librarianship to talk to even more people.

“Reformed” just means I’ve re-formed how I librarian.


Can you give me a list of your all-time favorite books?



How do I get a job like yours in editing/writing? 

Tune into the “Beyond Your Blog” podcast where I talked tips and tricks about finding your voice, your niche, and then taking the steps into finding the right editing/writing career for you.