The Massive Mega List of Young Adult Book Lists (AKA: Any Kind of YA Book List You Could Desire)

Kelly Jensen and Kimberly Francisco have been writing for STACKED books ( for nearly ten years and both of us are trained librarians. We make a lot of young adult book lists, and  know how useful they are for collection development and reader’s advisory purposes. More than that, they’re useful for readers itching for a good book.

The best way to navigate this list is by doing a keyword search. It’s Kelly’s hope as curator to eventually develop a basic spreadsheet to make searching even easier.

This list was updated January 2018.




Get Genrefied Series

All of these lists focus on specific genres or subgenres within YA fiction and were created by Kelly Jensen and Kimberly Francisco at STACKED. They each talk about the defining characteristics of the genre (or format!), followed by a big book list, and other websites and blogs to explore that delve even further into the specified genre. This series ended in mid-2015, so more recent titles may not be listed, but this is a goldmine for back list titles!


Beyond the Bestsellers

At Book Riot, Kelly Jensen ran a series called “Beyond the Bestsellers,” where I offer suggestions of lesser-known titles to read after you’ve read a well-known, bestselling YA book or author. This series will likely be revisited in the future with more current bestsellers and readalikes for them.


3 On A YA Theme

Also at Book Riot, Kelly Jensen has been writing a weekly column called “3 On A YA Theme” for many years. It takes one theme and highlights at least three books that fit. Kelly is always happy to take suggestions for this one, so drop a line if you have a theme you’re interested in seeing a short book list for. Contact is

As this has been a long-running series, older posts feature older titles and may not have the most current titles listed. Many of these lists are ripe for revisiting, and many are goldmines for backlist reads.


Other YA Book Lists

These thematic lists come from both Book Riot and from STACKED, and they’re authored by Kelly Jensen or Kimberly Francisco, unless otherwise noted. Some are very current, while others are older and feature backlist titles exclusively.