Work With Me

I would love to work with you. I’m open to crafting presentations to meet your needs. Below are the three most common requests I receive, with estimated costs. Each situation will be unique, so feel free to email and we can discuss. I try to keep events with libraries and schools as affordable as possible, having been a public librarian myself and knowing what the budgets can look like.

Much like I believe in empowering my students in the yoga studio, I like to think my presentations empower attendees as well. We can get into heavy stuff–mental illness, censorship, book bans, and similar are not walks in the park–but at the end of the day, I want attendees to feel they are active agents in their own lives and have the capability to change the world around them (because they do!).


Writing Workshops: I offer creative nonfiction writing workshops. These are generative, with audience participation. The workshops talk about nonfiction and the ways in which information can be presented, then attendees are given time to write based on what we’ve talked about, with an opportunity to share at the end. These workshops work best in person, but virtual is always an option. The average cost of these events offered in person, within 50 miles of Algonquin, Illinois, is $250.


Presentations: For schools and libraries, I offer presentations on censorship and book ban related topics both for teens and professionals. These are highly customizable, ranging from an overview of how we got to where we are now to future targets of book banners to writing strong collection development policies. What your institutional needs are, I can help generate a plan. These are offered in person and virtually, cost varying depending, but general cost is around $250/hour for virtual.

In addition to the above, I do give author presentations. This may include what the publishing process looks like, how one goes about publishing a book, and/or about my own experiences writing and publishing books like my anthologies.


Yoga: I have done several yoga programs in person and virtually. I’m happy to talk about what your institution might like and what has worked well for others. Cost varies, but I currently charge around $100 per class (no limit on attendance, and virtual/streaming options are fine!). I prefer to do traditional yoga classes, but I am open to trying different types of yoga, including chair classes, creative collaborations which incorporate yoga and writing/poetry, and so forth. I don’t want to work with goats or with alcohol–there are plenty of other teachers who do that and do it well. Want to do yoga and tea time though? I’m your teacher!

Inquiries: It can sometimes take me up to 2 weeks to respond, so if you do not hear from me in that time frame, please feel free to ping me again. I promise I am not ignoring you.